REVIEWS – Temple of a Thousand Faces

Template of a Thousand Faces

“An epic, extraordinary novel about love, beauty, and war, Temple of a Thousand Faces is sure to please.” – Sandra Gulland, bestselling author of Mistress of the Sun

“Written in Shors' enjoyable style ... this novel is destined to be a blockbuster. Highly recommended.” – Historical Novels Review

Temple of a Thousand Faces, like Angkor Wat itself, is gorgeous and varied, with power and beauty to spare.” –

“A wonderfully complex epic novel of love and lust, mystery and war ... played out against the kind of exotic background that makes Shors' grand books best sellers. Temple of a Thousand Faces, with its lush sun–lit hillsides filled with blue butterflies and exotic ruins, is just right for a cold winter's read.” – The Denver Post

“Reflecting the beauty and splendor of Angkor Wat, Shors' narrative reads like a poet's description of the jungles, the temples, and the hearts of each character.” – The Phnom Penh Advisor

“A sweeping saga... For those of us who would like to see Angkor Wat, yet probably never will, (Temple of a Thousand Faces) might be the next best thing to being there.” – The Boulder Daily Camera

“An epic love story.” – Southeast Asia Globe

“Shors is a genius storyteller... In Temple of a Thousand Faces he reveals the soul of Cambodia's Angkor Wat.” – Adventure Travel News

“Epic ... unfolds in locations sketched in accurate architectural and scenic details.” – The Cambodia Daily

“Cambodia, with a modern history as tragic as any in the world, is in real need of heroes. In Shors' inspirational Jayavar, they have just that.” – The Bangkok Post

“A gripping love story with a mystical quality that is utterly beguiling. John Shors vividly recreates the world of 12th century Angkor Wat with his breathtaking descriptions, and packs it with a powerful tale of danger and revenge that had me hooked. I was there. I lived it. Riding a war elephant or gliding naked through a pool of waterlilies. Full of fascinating characters and impressive storytelling.” – Kate Furnivall, bestselling author of The Russian Concubine

“An epic masterpiece.” – Peeking Between the Pages

“Shors infuses the story with fascinating information about the ancient temple of Angkor Wat and Buddhist and Hindu cultures.” – Kirkus Reviews